What is a pet salon on wheels?

It's simple, we are a grooming studio that travels with our salon on a vehicle to service you and your fur kids needs.

Are there any additional transport charges?

No. There will not be any additional transport charges for Wagon Services, but a $20/dog house call fee do apply. If Transport is needed for Shop services, charges do apply for Shaggy Hangout services.

Is Shaggy Wagon available islandwide?

Yes, Shaggy Wagon will be serving customers islandwide. When you call, we will be there. No matter where you are. Even if you are at the beach with your pets. We will come to you. :)

Can i cancel the grooming session once i've made a booking?

Yes, you are allowed to cancel your booking, but you must give us 24 hours to process the cancellation. Last min Cancelation charges do apply.

Will there be shipping charges on online purchases?

There will be free delivery for customers who purchase our products and a grooming session. A $5 delivery fee will be charged for customers who spend below $60.

How do i pay for the services if i am not at home?

Don't worry, we will be sending you an invoice once the session is over through email and you will be able to make payment through our shop no matter where you are.